About Us

Senex Security is a Canadian security company specializing in electronic protection systems.

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia  we serve Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland Area.

We help industrial and commercial clients and residential customers with their most critical physical security needs including: Access Control, Video Surveillance,  Intrusion Detection, System Integration and Monitoring.

We are at the forefront of the latest security technologies to provide our clients with the best possible security solutions.

Senex Security is Committed:


At Senex we strive to conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


By choosing lower impact materials and production techniques, we are reducing our ecological footprint.

Green-House-Gas Inventory Audit

To transition to a low-carbon future we rely on the annual third party audit to help us measure and reduce our emissions.


We use surface freight whenever possible.

Waste Reduction

We have an extensive recycling program for electronic components, paper, glass, tin, all plastics, styrofoam, wood, and metal scrap (steel, aluminum, copper) to divert material from landfills. We buy in bulk to reduce packaging. We avoid products which are excessively packaged.We complete a waste audit every year to estimate the amount of waste compared to the amount of recycling. We use locally sourced products whenever possible.

Battery Recycling

As part of our maintenance we offer battery replacement in your system when it’s required and provide you with free recycling.We send batteries to Nu-Life Industries, offering environmentally sound management of all types of batteries.

Energy Conservation

Senex is committed to maximizing energy efficiency and the use of green and renewable energy sources, and minimizing emissions and other impacts harmful to human health and the environment. We control energy consumption in our office and encourage sustainable transportation.