Access Control

Authorized Persons Only | Keyless Entry | Movement Tracking | Time & Attendance

Security and convenience

Entrance restrictions to your building and limiting access to areas within the building protects your property.  Enjoy the convenience of keyless entry, while enforcing identity authentication to secure assets and sensitive information.

Authorized access is enforced by area and time limitations on an individual basis.

With our system you can grant or deny access instantly to anyone from a local or remote control location. System access logs provide an audit trail of all entry activity.

Deploying a wide range of scalable technologies and devices including swipe cards, proximity tokens, PIN entry keypads and sophisticated biometric devices we have the solution to meet your security needs.

Our access control features

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We have extensive experience in tailoring our system design to your unique security requirements.  We can provide seamless integration of access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.

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