Guard Response

If you have a monitored security system but no guard response service, you might be wasting your money. Just having an alarm system is not a strong crime deterrent anymore.

Mobile guard

If you need more than a phone call when your are  being robbed, Senex is  ready for you. 

Our Mobile Guard is at your door in 5 minutes or less following an alarm incident.

Thieves know that it can take the police 20+ minutes to respond to your alarm call. In an alarm emergency physical response time is the essence in minimizing damage and keeping you and your valuables safe. Police are often too overwhelmed to treat your emergency with priority.

Our mobile guards are always ready to respond to your alarm call. Our response procedures are streamlined to maximum time efficiency to give you the best protection in the industry. Working with local monitoring station, certified security guards, and 4×4 vehicles we can get to your premises faster than anyone else, anytime.

Protect what matters most.

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We have extensive experience in tailoring our system design to your unique security requirements.  We can provide seamless integration of access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.

Our free on-site security review and consultation brings expert advice, options and solutions.