Video Monitoring

Our live video monitoring service is unique. We rely on real people to watch your cameras remotely 24/7. We don’t take a break ever.

Live video monitoring stops theft

To aid the human eyes we deploy intelligent analytics to highlight any change or movement on your camera views so nothing can go undetected.

Cheaper and More Effective Than Stationary Guards

Live video surveillance is the right choice for large outdoor properties like construction sites, utility service centers, material yards, or car dealerships. Limiting the number of cameras views to 14 per guard guarantees that we are never too overwhelmed to react to your emergency. Human eyes are far too superior to electronic sensors, and we respond only to real threat.

Our False Alarm Rate is Below 0.7%

Put Senex Security behind your cameras 24/7 in Real-Time to Stop Crime.

Our mobile video guard stations are built for the demanding environment of construction site surveillance. With pan/tilt/zoom and night-vision cameras, heavy duty flood lights, and cameras mounting heights over 14 feet, we are able to monitor your entire site with ease.

All activities are recorded and available for prosecution.

When an intruder enters the surveillance area, our strobe lights and sirens are activated remotely and our loudspeaker commands the trespassers to leave immediately. If needed, the police are alerted without delay.

How real time video monitoring stops crime

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We have extensive experience in tailoring our system design to your unique security requirements.  We can provide seamless integration of access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection systems.

Our free on-site security review and consultation brings expert advice, options and solutions.