Retirement Homes

Touchless access control solutions keep community members and staff safe.

Whether you are building a new facility or upgrading your existing one, it’s important to consider security as you make design and building decisions. Retirement homes, assisted living and nursing homes are unique facilities when it comes to security.

While your memory care wing needs specialized security measures, the entire building should also take steps to keep residents and staff safe with controlled access points to enter and leave the building. This helps prevent a possible intrusion or entrance by someone who should not be on-site. Plus, this helps keep patients from exiting the building without staff or family present.

Senex can help you reduce overall risk, increase resident security and improve operational efficiencies. 

Areas of expertise:

Perimeter access

Electronic access control on front and back doors, all perimeter doors equipped with door contacts that can be connected with the nurse call system.

Location Tracking

Real-time location systems, or RTLS, leverage sensors or transmitters to send wireless signals from “tags” attached to a person’s wireless device or piece of equipment within a defined location.

Wireless pendants

Arming residents with wearables, such as pendants or smart watches, tied wirelessly into an eCall system provides a way for residents to send alerts instantly.


Senior living communities can use geofencing to define a virtual geographic boundary around specific areas or residents.

Specialized Access Control for Memory Care

Wander management is critical for memory care and assisted living communities. This technology can be programmed to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.

Thermal Cameras And Mask Detection

We install thermal camera and mask detection systems, to ensure that security will be alerted to anyone in the space experiencing a high temperature or not wearing proper PPE.

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